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Trusted Intruder Alarms – Hoddesdon Security:

When it comes to protecting your property, you want our trusted intruder alarms on your side.


trusted intruder alarmsInstalling an intruder alarm is the best way to secure your Hoddesdon property it is like a watch dog 24 hours a day that doesn’t sleep or need walking.

There are various benefits to having and intruder alarm installed, they can deter intruders from even trying to break in or interrupt a break-in right at the start avoiding needless damage and heart ache and the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, in fact some insurance companies will offer you a discount for having a intruder alarms fitted.

Intruder Alarms Hoddesdon are offering wireless security systems from just £489 fully fitted you will own the alarm outright and there will be on hidden extras, our intruder alarm installers are all SSAIB approved and will install your new alarm with minimal fuss or disruption to your property.

Options available on our wireless systems:

PIR movement detectors
PET tolerant detectors
Magnetic door contacts
Shock sensors and smoke detectors

Are burglaries less common nowadays?

It is true that between 1996 and 2008 burglaries went down in the UK, however the recession has reversed this trend to some degree, and research suggests that burglars target soft targets so it is unwise to simply ignore potential risk because of any downward trend. If your property is more secure than others in the area thieves are more likely to find an easier target. (Wiki)

What types of Intruder alarms are available?

Bell only alarms – simply make a loud noise when your home is being broken into, which will hopefully scare intruders away. This type of alarm does not necessarily notify the police that a burglary is taking place, but it will alert you or your neighbours, who can then phone the police.

Speech dialler alarms – a device is connected to an alarm which, when triggered, automatically calls either you or someone you have nominated with a pre-recorded message to let you know the alarm has been set off.

Monitored alarm systems – are connected via a telephone line to a receiving centre. The alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day, and if the alarm is tripped, the receiving centre will call your home and ask for identification verification. If this is not carried out a nominated key holder or the police will be notified.

Infrared burglar alarms – are sounded if a set of detectors are tripped. These require careful positioning and can be set off accidently, but newer more sophisticated models are much more reliable.

Benefits of Intruder Alarms Hoddesdon systems

  • You can leave your house for long periods of time, without having to worry about the property being broken into.
  • You may get a discount on your home insurance, as you will be considered to be less prone to burglaries. Even with simple alarm systems, you could save around 5% on your policy.
  • Inside and outside security is available, this is particularly useful if you have a shed containing expensive equipment.
  • Some burglar alarm systems come with smoke detectors and surveillance systems.



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